Your Best Source for Valid Facial Redness Information – Peer Review Journals

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Skincare advice abounds, from beauty blogs to medical and pharmaceutical web sites. The problem is filtering through the advice and hype to find valid, useful information. You may have a good grasp of your specific symptoms and needs, but identifying a solution can still be an overwhelming task.


One way to be sure you are getting reliable advice about a new treatment is to check a few medical peer reviewed journals for product evaluation. How do you define a peer reviewed journal? It is a scholarly publication that only includes studies deemed to meet a set of established standards after review by a group of experts in that field. In medical journals, the peer review process is one of the most important tools for maintaining scientific validity and ultimately, preserving public health.


If you are searching for a medically proven treatment for facial redness associated with inflammatory skin conditions such as rosacea, acne or eczema, you will find several studies on a new and advanced skin care treatment, PyratineXR®, which has been clinically proven to significantly reduce redness and other symptoms commonly associated with these skin conditions. Take a few minutes to check reviews in one or more of these respected publications. If you’re not inclined to in-depth reading and scientific terms, try searching for a few relevant keywords within the article to find the nuggets of information most relevant to your questions and concerns:



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