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Pyratine LLC is a Specialty Therapeutic Development company engaged in the development of technologies that target unmet needs in dermatology and skin care. The Company’s extensive research collaborations have resulted in a strong pipeline of proprietary compounds and products with broad therapeutic applications and a leading presence in dermatology. Pyratine LLC collaborates with world class research institutions such as the Beijing Genomic Institute and the Greek Hellenic Research Society.


Pyratine’s scientific community is headquartered in Olomouc, Czech Republic, with a full Research and Development Laboratory on site at the prestigious Institute of Experimental Botany. Pyratine researchers work closely with the scientists at the Institute, funding all research and, in exchange, Pyratine LLC receives rights to all discoveries. The results have been prolific, resulting in over a dozen new compounds that have been successfully screened for biological activity and lack of cellular toxicity and two commercially ready, advanced and revolutionary cytokinins, Pyratine®and 4HBAP. Both compounds have been clinically tested in humans at leading Universities and have shown attributes more beneficial to treatment than any predecessor compound in ameliorating the signs of aging, including the only FDA approved anti-aging product, Renova®.


Our products are non-prescription cosmeceuticals; however, we develop them using pharmaceutical grade standards. For every product we develop, we conduct safety tests as if it were a compound undergoing a New Drug Application through the FDA, such as human chromosomal aberration and genotoxicity tests. Our efficacy studies are done in controlled clinical environments at leading medical institutions using FDA protocols (though not required of cosmeceuticals). This requires that we implement a washout period before the trial begins and we conduct comprehensive blood and lab testing on each patient. Our product manufacturing is done strictly under GMP guidelines (required of pharmaceuticals but not cosmeceuticals). Unlike other cosmetics and cosmeceuticals in the market, we have a GMP approved independent laboratory test all of our batches for homogeneity, insuring that each tube or bottle has the correct concentration of active, measures far beyond those required by the FDA.

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Throughout the many product offerings found in our industry, many claims are made but few are substantiated. We do not use merely subjective consumer or dermatologist panels for product evaluation. We employ hard science to objectify our results, such as using high grade instrumentation to measure water loss and the reduction in redness in skin; in addition, we utilize high resolution photography and silicone profilometry to measure the reduction in fine lines, wrinkles and skin roughness.

We also believe that it is imperative to always study the interactions between compounds before combining them. Skin care companies are known for mixing several actives in one formulation even though no testing for compatibility among these ingredients may have been completed – this practice can often lead to antagonism between the mixed ingredients rendering the formulation ineffective or even unsafe. However, because the compounds used by Pyratine®are multi-functional in and of themselves, our products provide many benefits without the addition of other actives that might compromise their effectiveness. Should we combine actives, we will have conducted both biological activity and toxicity tests to insure that they are synergistic and not antagonistic.

Our controlled human clinical trials and various laboratory tests also ensure that we avoid other mistakes that can compromise the efficacy and stability of products. One example of such an error occurred in the late 1980s and early 1990s when many cosmeceuticals in the retail market were formulated using the wrong pH, causing the active ingredient to “die” before the products even reached the shelves. Had strict testing been conducted, this mistake would have been realized before being purchased and used by countless consumers.

At Pyratine, we put your safety first and spare no expense. We do not test our products on animals, only on humans who volunteer for our trials. Further, our emphasis is on developing plant based compounds that are naturally occurring in nature, staying away from acids and harsh chemicals in our products. As stated throughout our website, our products have been formulated for sensitive and irritated skin, making them suitable for all skin types.