Redness Relief

Facial redness, known as erythema, is a troubling condition shared by those with sensitive skin. Finding redness relief has long been a frustrating quest for rosacea patients and others. At last, a new treatment is changing lives and overcoming what was once an intractable problem. Understanding more about the sources and symptoms of facial redness will empower affected individuals to make better choices in their own care and treatment.

What causes facial redness?

Facial redness can be the result of:

Traditional Treatments

Traditional rosacea treatments may include oral antibiotics. When used long-term, they can have negative effects on beneficial intestinal bacteria. Other treatments rely on acid-based topical creams that can further irritate and dry out the skin, and must be discontinued after limited or no improvement in symptoms. Avoidance is an important basic strategy in treating skin conditions, including facial redness. Avoiding sun exposure, extremes of temperature, spicy foods, alcoholic drinks and excessive exercising can help reduce rosacea symptoms.

PyratineXR® Intensive Anti-Redness & Healing Ointment

PyratineXR® Intensive Anti-Redness & Healing Ointment is an anti-redness treatment that utilizes advanced cytokinin technology. This technology produces a powerful plant extract that slows the aging process in plants. It has been clinically proven in human trials to soothe sensitive, irritated skin and to minimize free radicals, slowing the aging process in human skin.

The PyratineXR® formulation is a healing ointment, specially made for intensive spot treatment of stubborn red blotches on the face, severely dry skin, skin roughness, and other conditions that are often resistant to treatment with less occlusive lotions and creams. Designed to penetrate quickly, it provides a protective coating that is highly effective in keeping moisture in and increasing the skin’s water content. It is ideal for conditions that require deep moisturization and for accelerating healing from cosmetic procedures.

PyratineXR® is formulated with a single cytokinin molecule, furfuryl tetrahydropyranyladenine, derived from. PyratineXR® reduces facial redness as it attacks and helps control the main symptoms of rosacea, including facial redness, inflammatory lesions and spider veins, in one pure product. Human clinical trials at major medical institutions utilizing US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) protocols demonstrated that this breakthrough technology is also highly effective in ameliorating the signs of aging skin in humans, significantly reducing fine lines, wrinkles, mottled hyperpigmentation and skin roughness.

PyratineXR® is natural and botanically based. It is a safe, non-acid alternative to harsh chemical treatments like tretinoin, and can be used long-term with little or no side effects. A powerful moisturizer, anti-aging product and anti-inflammatory agent all in a single molecule, PyratineXR® helps eliminate the need for multiple products, thus reducing the likelihood of an adverse reaction from the dozens of harsh ingredients found in most products today.