Frequently Asked Questions

What is Pyratine®?

Pyratine® products contain the active, furfuryl tetrahydropyranyl adenine, a plant growth factor (cytokinin by classification) and a nature identical ingredient found in living plants that has been successfully tested in humans for the amelioration of aging and photodamaged skin and the treatment of inflammatory skin conditions such as rosacea, inflammatory acne, burns, etc.

How do I use Pyratine®? 

Pyratine® is available without prescription. Controlled clinical trials at major medical centers were conducted with twice daily applications. Pyratine® formulations are designed to absorb quickly in order to deliver the active efficiently and quickly; makeup can be applied directly over Pyratine®

What are the differences between the crème, crème with SPF30, lotion and ointment formulations?

All formulations are effective in significantly reducing facial erythema, inflammatory acne lesions, spider veins, fine wrinkles, rough skin and mottled hyperpigmentation. The crème with SPF30 provides the added benefit of broad spectrum sun protection against the harmful rays of UVA and UVB; in addition, Pyratine® being a cytokinin inherently protects against the harmful rays of UVC which are commonly discharged with fluorescent lighting, welding, places where there are holes in the ozone such as Australia

Are there any tips for selecting and applying Pyratine®?

The crème formulation is a soft crème, esthetically pleasing, spreads evenly and absorbs quickly making it ideal for all skin types and for use at all times. The Pyratine® Crème with SPF30 is ideal for daily use – the sunscreen is zinc oxide, a natural sunscreen unlike chemical sunscreens that are dangerously absorbed in the bloodstream. Please note that the Pyratine® Crème with SPF30 should be used sparingly and rubbed in thoroughly as it may leave a white residue which is easily cleaned. The ointment is ideal for those stubborn red blotches and has been shown to accelerate the healing process; the ointment is used by dermatologists to alleviate scarring and for burns.

Do you recommend any particular treatment regimen?

 Yes, use the Pyratine® cleanser to clean the skin, this formulation has been specifically designed for sensitive skin and contains rich ingredients such as green tea extract. Then apply the Pyratine® Crème with SPF30 for day use and the regular Crème or Lotion for nighttime application. (The ointment is ideal for intense treatment of spots and burns)

When can I expect results? 

The standard for an anti-redness treatment product to show results normally takes a great deal of time, about 4 weeks. Pyratine® is more rapid acting and you should see significant reduction in redness in week three. You will be pleased to know that you will see healthier looking skin by the end of week one.

Do I need to use a moisturizer with Pyratine®? 

No, Pyratine® is a proven, powerful Moisturizer which helps repair the skin barrier function. This is a key advantage of Pyratine® as one only needs to use a single product to achieve much needed moisturization, reduction of  erythema(redness), inflammatory lesions and anti-aging benefits. You no longer need to subject your skin to 50 or more chemical ingredients when you do using multiple products – you already have compromised skin.

Why is Pyratine® so expensive?

Pyratine® is many products in one. A typical rosacea treatment contains a redness treatment product, a moisturizer, and a strong anti-oxidant to soothe, heal, and improve the look of your skin. Pyratine® is all these products in a single tube.  

Moisturizing your skin also leads to sun sensitivity so Pyratine® Crème with SPF 30 will also protect your skin as it heals.


What are the side effects of Pyratine®?

Pyratine® is virtually side effect free; in fact in one controlled clinical trials for a period of 48 weeks duration, there were virtually no side effects reported and when they were, they were transient and disappeared with continuous use. You may see some initial dryness (mostly with the lotion) but it certainly disappears after a week or so of use. Please note that Pyratine® has been shown to accelerate the healing process for steam burns, sunburns, bruising after botox injection, invasive procedures such as dermabrasion and laser surgery

How safe is Pyratine?

Pyratine® has undergone Human Aberration Testing, Ames Mutagenicity Testing, Eye Sensitivity Testing and more to ensure safety. Pyratine LLC, the discoverers of furfuryl tetrahydropyranyl adenine, the active, subjects all of their molecules to the very same stringent FDA prescription pharmaceutical toxicology and safety standards. The majority of other products on the market are minimally tested, or not tested at all.

How does Pyratine® work? 

Pyratine® is multifunctional ideally suited for inflammatory skin conditions such as rosacea and atopic dermatitis as well as for the treatment of photo-damaged skin. Pyratine® inhibits an enzyme that is responsible for inflammation and is a powerful ROS-inhibitor (antioxidant), delays the destruction of the skin fibroblasts, the unit of the cell that produces collagen and elastin and has potent moisturizing properties increasing the water content of the skin, helping repair its barrier function