Pyratine LLC, the worldwide leader in cytokinin discoveries, fosters ongoing scientific research of cytokinins’ beneficial effects on human skin cells, most recently discovering most advanced class of ctokinins, furfuryl tetrahydropyranyl adenine, the active found in the Pyratine® line of products; this new and advanced cytokinin possesses unparalleled anti-inflammatory properties, significantly reducing erythema and inflammatory lesions.  Pyratine® (furfuryl tetrahydropyranyl adenine) was also proven to be a powerful anti-aging compound, rapidly and effectively ameliorating the signs of photodamaged skin.


  • In 1955, the researchers at Pyratine LLC discovered the first cytokinin, kinetin, which became the leading selling anti-aging product in the US physician market.
  • Cytokinins are a class of plant growth factors which have been widely studied for their beneficial activity in plants and are well known for delaying senescence (aging) of leaves. Pyratine LLC scientists evaluated cytokinins’ beneficial effects in humans and found that particular cytokinins such as the active in Pyratine® products delayed the destruction of the fibroblast, the unit in the cell that produces collagen and elastin, significantly increased the mitochondrial activity thereby increasing the production of cellular bioenergy to ensure the skin’s vitality, demonstrated powerful antioxidant activity and helped repair your DNA.
  • Pyratine LLC conducts extensive tests on each cytokinin in humans to insure that they are non-toxic and have beneficial biological activity; these positive findings are then validated in FDA controlled studies measuring the specifics of therapeutic benefits and recording any adverse events. Furfuryl tetrahydropyranyl adenine (Pyratine®) has undergone several controlled clinical trials at major medical institutions showing that it is virtually side effect free and provides multiple benefits to include anti-inflammatory response, amelioration of the signs of aging, increasing the water content of the skin and sun protection against UVC rays.