Do You Suffer From Facial Redness?

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If you are like the majority of the people in North America, you will have encountered battles with facial redness.  Perhaps you naturally have sensitive skin or suffer from rosacea, sunburn, eczema, seborrheic dermatitis or other causes of inflammation.


So what do you do to treat this affliction ? First, we recommend seeing a dermatologist but if this is not possible (and typically this is the case, as only about 7% of the population has ever seen a dermatologist), you then need to examine what you are putting on your face. For example, do you apply several topical products to your face? And how often?  A face that is already red,  irritated and whose skin is compromised?


This is a real problem and more times than not leads to more irritation and redness.  Are you one of the many who typically applies a moisturizing crème, an anti-aging serum, a product for redness and then, a sunscreen. . . four topicals in total?  But wait just a minute, it is NOT just 4 products that you are exposing your already compromised skin to, but rather 50 to 60 chemicals as each topical generally has 12 to 15 ingredients!  This is not even counting other topical products such as soaps, makeup, etc. that you may apply daily.  Most importantly, you must recognize that with your skin being compromised, these chemicals are sure to penetrate systemically and get into your bloodstream after continuous use.


Now there is a new and proven product, PyratineXR® crème and lotion, that has been clinically proven to significantly reduce fine lines, wrinkles, mottled hyperpigmentation, skin roughness, facial redness, inflammatory acne lesions and spider veins while increasing the skin’s ability to retain the much needed moisture for healthy skin.  Unlike other non-prescription products, PyratineXR® has been clinically tested at two leading medical centers using US Food and Drug Administration drug protocols.  In fact, these tests have been published in the prestigious medical journal, “Drugs in Dermatology”, a journal which undergoes medical peer review.   You owe it to your face and to yourself to use only products that have been clinically tested in human trials at leading medical institutions.  DO NOT LEAVE YOUR FACE TO CHANCE!


If you visit, you will see a special offer that is guaranteed to produce results with proper application.  And just recently, a major breakthrough formulation,  PyratineXR® SPF 30, has been developed and is NOW available; in addition, to providing anti-aging, anti-inflammatory and moisturizing properties, PyratineXR® SPF 30 adds broad spectrum sun protection against UVA, UVB and UVC by combining the active in PyratineXR® crème  with the non-chemical, mineral sunscreen, Zinc Oxide.  (Note: Zinc Oxide has many other medical benefits beyond sun protection to include antibacterial and antiseptic activity, healing accelerant properties , etc.).


We leave you with an important message that you should keep your skin clean and be a minimalist in the number of products you apply; in fact, in this case, less is truly more!  Use only products that have actually undergone human clinical trials at major medical institutions using US FDA protocols and guidelines – these studies, if truly performed as advertised will be available to you upon request.

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