Product Overload and Treatment Choices for Rosacea

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Your sensitive skin presents a complicated treatment challenge, with multiple symptoms, ranging from facial redness, to inflammatory acne or lesions, to spider veins. If you try to treat each symptom individually, you can find yourself using a host of different topical products that may conflict with one another. For example, antibiotics are often prescribed to treat acne or lesions, while acid-based topical products are used to dry them, and moisturizers are added to reduce dryness. Each product may contain ten or more ingredients, meaning 30 or more products layered onto your delicate, irritated skin—not a healthy cocktail.


Each type of product brings with it the risk of side effects that periodically require starting and stopping treatment. Antibiotics interfere with healthy intestinal flora, acids aggravate reactive skin, and moisturizers carry a whole set of potential sensitivities. The on and off pattern means you struggle with a frustrating round of somewhat improved symptoms, followed by a period of worsening as you suspend or switch out one or more treatment choice.


Scientists at Pyratine LLC, developers of the cytokinin-based product Kinerase, have worked through extensive clinical studies at the Department of Dermatology at the University of California-Irvine, to demonstrate that PyratineXR® achieves rapid, significant reduction in skin lesions, facial redness, hyperpigmentation, roughness and dry skin in just a few weeks. Spider veins showed dramatic improvement as well with continued application.


PyratineXR® uses the newest generation of cytokinins, listed as 0.125% furfuryl tetrahydropyranyladenine in the ingredient deck, to produce a single topical product that is fast becoming the preferred choice for dermatologists treating rosacea symptoms.


The old start-and-stop syndrome is overcome, as PyratineXR® maintains a soothing, calming effect for sensitive, inflamed skin. The essential molecule in Pyratine has been shown to have no side effects, in part because it is a pure product with just one key ingredient. Equally exciting, its soothing moisturizing base eliminates the need for multiple products and the usual risk of product overload.

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