Manage your Redness and Rosacea with PyratineXR®.

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Manage your Redness and Rosacea with PyratineXR®.


Use PyratineXR® along with these sensible practices to see faster, long-lasting results without the side effects associated with prescription drugs.


1.  Stay out of the sun


According to the National Rosacea Society (NRS), sun exposure is the number one trigger for rosacea flare-ups at a reported 81%. Studies have shown that sunlight aggravates rosacea and UV rays can damage the blood vessels underneath the skin.


Rosacea sufferers should limit sun exposure to early morning or late afternoon when the sun isn’t as bright. Avoiding sun exposure entirely is best, however this is not always an option. If you do need to go out, be sure to apply sunscreen and wear a hat.


Also remember that sunshine promotes the production of Vitamin D and, for those who limit their time outside, taking a Vitamin D supplement can help.


2. Relax


Emotional stress is second on the NRS list of rosacea triggers, identified by 79% of rosacea sufferers. A small change in routine may significantly reduce daily stress.


Try adding a beginning yoga class or do deep breathing exercises daily for 15-30 minutes. By stretching and breathing, your body relaxes and helps your brain unwind. Ancient cultures have been using these simple techniques for thousands of years for a greater sense of peace and balance, along with improved skin results. If your stress is part of a larger underlying issue, consult a professional who can teach you more advanced coping techniques.


 3. Avoid extremes


Extremely hot or cold weather, overly spicy or fatty foods, over-indulgence in alcoholic drinks and too much exercise can worsen rosacea symptoms. A healthy lifestyle is important, but instead of doing long workouts, limit yourself to 10-minute intervals. Overdoing your workout increases the blood flow through capillaries, giving you that “flushed” look.


Try low-impact exercises at a moderate pace, or aquatic exercises like swimming or pool aerobics to keep your skin moist and cool.
Spicy foods produce heat through spices like curry and capsicum, which is found in jalapeno peppers. These ingredients will raise the metabolism and increase blood flow, which may aggravate rosacea symptoms.  Fatty, high calorie foods like sugary desserts, pastas and other simple carbs that turn into sugar are known triggers for rosacea sufferers.


Alcoholic drinks are another way to set off your redness and rosacea, with red wine being one of the biggest offenders.


Protect yourself from weather extremes by dressing in warm clothes when it’s cold and covering up with a hat and sun protection when it’s warm.


 4. Record Your Journey


Keep a diary of situations or events that aggravate your skin. Do symptoms occur:



Once you identify these triggers, you can look for ways to change them.


Using PyratineXR® by itself will improve your symptoms overall and help you achieve long-lasting rosacea management.  Making these additional simple commitments to lifestyle changes can truly change your life.

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