BEYOND KINERASE®: If you liked Kinerase®, you’ll love PyratineXR®

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The quest for better skincare products is probably as old as time. The eternal challenge is to find a product that addresses each individual’s skin needs, from cosmetic concerns like fine lines, wrinkles and age-related changes, to skin sensitivity and more serious problems like rosacea.


Until 2008, the ultimate breakthrough skincare product was Kinerase®, a topical cream incorporating cytokinins, developed from plant growth factor. Cytokinins retard the aging process in plants, and have been shown to increase the life span of human cells. Kinerase® quickly caught on with celebrities and all those looking to stop the clock and preserve younger, healthier skin.


Then, Pyratine LLC, the developers of Kinerase®, took their product a step further with the introduction of Pyratine-6® in 2008. Clinical studies using this second generation of cytokinin-based skin care technology demonstrated significant improvements in skin roughness, facial redness and skin moisture after just two weeks. Dermatologists found it gentle enough to recommend for use even after dermabrasion, chemical peels and laser treatments.


Now, the latest generation of cytokinin-based topical cream, PyratineXR®, achieves a new level of success using a more powerful, single molecule (0.125% furfuryl tetrahydropyranyladenine) of the plant-derived growth factor. In clinical trials using FDA protocols, PyratineXR® has been proven:


  • a safe, effective treatment with remarkably rapid results, showing improvement in symptoms of rosacea, lessening redness, acne and spider veins;


  • safe for continuous long-term use, without the irritation caused by acid-based products and topical corticosteroids or antibiotics which upset the flora of our intestinal tract – all products often prescribed for acne, redness and rosacea;


  • effective in reducing visible signs of aging, with demonstrated results like 37% smoother skin in 14 days, a 22% reduction in fine lines and an 86% improvement in roughness by week eight.


PyratineXR® can be used continuously without interruption thanks to its soothing, non-irritating properties and remarkable efficacy for both cosmetic and medical skin needs.


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