Rosacea Triggers: What You Need To Know To Help Control Your Rosacea Episodes

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Doctors still aren’t sure what causes rosacea, but in a lot of people, things that make your face flush also make rosacea worse. When you flush, blood rushes to your face, making it red and warmer.


You’ve probably noticed that certain foods, temperatures, activities, emotions — or something else entirely — will trigger your rosacea to flare up. Here are some common rosacea triggers.


Foods and drinks:
• Alcohol
• Spicy foods
• Hot drinks
• Hot foods (in temperature)


• Exercise or heavy exertion
• Hot baths or saunas


Weather conditions:
• Hot weather
• Cold weather
• Humid weather
• Wind
• Sunlight


• Stress or anxiety
• Sudden change in emotion, like feeling embarrassed or bursting out laughing


Medical conditions:
• Menopause
• Chronic cough
• Caffeine withdrawal syndrome


Skin Care Products:
• Harsh ingredients
• Using too many different products & ingredients


Other triggers:
• Medications, such as topical steroids, some blood pressure drugs, and some opiate painkillers


In a Survey conducted by the National Rosacea Society, 1066 rosacea patients found that their most common factors included the following:


Sun exposure 81%
Emotional stress 79%
Hot weather 75%
Wind 57%
Heavy exercise 56%
Alcohol consumption 52%
Hot baths 51%
Cold weather 46%
Spicy foods 45%
Humidity 44%
Indoor heat 41%
Certain skin-care products 41%
Heated beverages 36%
Certain cosmetics 27%
Medications 15%
Medical conditions 15%
Certain fruits 13%
Marinated meats 10%
Certain vegetables 9%
Dairy products 8%
Other factors 24%


Keep in mind that not all of these things will trigger your rosacea. Everybody is different. The important thing is to learn what causes your own rosacea symptoms. Using a diary to keep track can be very beneficial in tracking what triggers your rosacea symptoms. Once you’ve figured out what your rosacea triggers are, find ways to avoid them.


Food and drinks – Don’t eat foods that cause rosacea symptoms. You could also try some simple substitutions. For instance, in the morning, replace that steaming mug of coffee with iced coffee.


Exercise – Unfortunately, working out can worsen your rosacea. But you still need to be physically active. So change your routine. Instead of one long workout, try splitting it into several shorter segments. Try longer, low-intensity workouts instead of more demanding ones. And stay cool. Don’t exercise outside when it’s too hot. If you’re inside, use a fan or air conditioner. During your workout, drink plenty of water. Afterward, cover your face with a cool cloth.


Weather – You should always wear a hat do the obvious: dress warmly on cold days and lightly on hot ones. You should also always use sunscreen to protect your skin while outside, rain or shine. A product perfectly suited for the most sensitive and rosacea prone skin is the new PyratineXR® Crème with Zinc Oxide.


Formulated with Zinc Oxide, it absorbs quickly without leaving a white residue on the skin. Broad Spectrum SPF 30 coverage protects the skin from harmful UVA and UVB rays while antioxidants provide the skin with further protection. Pyratine’s® advanced cytokinin technology also affords protection against lower frequency UVC rays often found in the environment; thus, you now have the ABC’s of sun protection covered.


This unique product has been clinically proven to significantly reduce redness, inflammatory acne lesions, fine lines, wrinkles, mottled hyperpigmentation, rough skin and spider veins while increasing the skin’s moisture content by helping repair the skin barrier function; now with the addition of the highly effective sunscreen, Zinc Oxide, PyratineXR® Crème with Sunscreen SPF 30 provides broad spectrum sun protection. With this one product doing the work of four (anti-inflammation, anti-aging, moisturization and sun protection), PyratineXR® Crème with Sunscreen SPF 30 eliminates the need to use multiple products, thus reducing the skin’s exposure to a multitude of ingredients (Consider the fact that most topical products have 10 to 12 different chemicals in their formulation which means your skin would be exposed to 40 to 50 chemicals if you applied four topicals daily). This is extremely beneficial as the individual suffering from rosacea already has compromised skin.


Skin Care Product – Avoid using product with harsh chemicals such as Witch Hazel. Gently cleanse your skin daily and apply a gentle multi-functional creme which provides moisturization and sun protection such as PyratineXR® Crème with Zinc Oxide. If face make-up is desired, use a hypo-allergenic foundation or BB cream after applying your crème. At night, after gently cleansing your face apply a gentle yet effective night product such as PyratineXR® Crème or PyratineXR® Lotion. For those stubborn areas, try using PyratineXR® Intensive Anti-Redness and Healing Ointment followed by the PyratineXR® Crème or Lotion.


Emotional stress – Learn ways to calm yourself before stress results in a rosacea flare-up. You might try deep breathing exercises or yoga.


Medication – If you think a medicine may be a trigger, talk to your doctor. See if you could take a different drug.

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